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Aluminium Steps

A client approached us about this project, they wanted aluminium steps and a working platform for maintenance and cleaning access to an overhead conveyor belt.

Aluminium Tanker

A customer came to us with a had a 40ft aluminium tipping trailer and they where looking it to be converted in to tanker for hauling fish.

Stainless steel platform

A client had ideas and designs for a platform and steps to access equipment for cleaning and maintenance, which we built to their specifications, this was another fun project.

Dairy Pipe Project

This is a project we where working on for a client within the food process sector, they asked us to install a new piping system to deliver their product from an upgraded storage tank. We also installed access hatches to the new stainless steel storage tank.

Storage Tank

This project was for a client in the food industry, they wanted a stainless steel porthole entrance built at the top of the tanker.

Bespoke Gym Equipment

A client approached us looking our team to build them gym equipment for training at home, if you like these products CLICK HERE to get brought to our Facebook page.

Smoking Shelter

A client of ours, asked us to build them a smoking shelter so that their employees could stand out of the rain while they where on a smoke break.


This project was for our client kieran, he was looking us to build him a gazebo for his back garden.

Bucket Loader

A regular client came to us with a bucket loader, a major crack had appeared on the bushing housing. We got the housing back in place and welded it up, its safe to say he was a very satisfied client.

Cast Aluminium

A customer approached us asking could we weld together some cast aluminium plates for a project they where working on.


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